Thinking about buying a home with an inground pool?

We are househunting in Peterborough Ontario. The house we like has an inground swimming pool. We would probably use it all Summer, but wonder what we should consider before putting in an offer on the house. How does an inground pool affect your homeowners insurance ? What costs should be factored into keeping the pool clean and maintained ? What additional costs are involved ? What about opening and closing the pool each Season ? How does heating the pool affect your hydro bill ? If anyone has bought a home with an inground pool, what advice would you offer someone thinking about it ? Thanks to all who can help !


  1. You need good and hot summers to enjoy a pool.I have had an in ground pool for 10 years.It does cost more to insure your home,and it cost’s about $60.00 a month to run the heater.Add another $40.00 for chemicals per month and you are looking at about $100.00.I enjoy it and my kids and neighbors love it so the cost doesn’t really matter.

  2. Uncle Johnny says:

    If its not something that you are really interested in -
    Forget it. Its a big expense and remember that you cant just sell it off when you get tired of it. If you do decide to buy it, go
    to and read the page on pool water. Good Luck.

  3. Dr. Hot Tub Wilmington NC says:

    #2 made some good points. Also check with your insurance company if having a safety fence in combination with a Safety cover can lower your insurance back down to no increase. If it has a diving board the insurance cost will go up. I would remove it and no long even build pools with one for liability reasons. Look at the BBB in your area and use it to help find a nice pool store that will give you nice instructions on the chemistry until you feel you know what you are doing. Spend a coupld of hours learning how and why to use the chemicals in the begining and you will save yourself a lot of future money.

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